Do the right thing Parliament

May is busy peddling her deal, begging, cajoling, threatening, rewarding.  The government will do anything to win their vote tomorrow completely ignoring what is right for the people of the United Kingdom.
But remember, if you are tempted to wobble and fall for the terrifying Fear factor of No-deal being served up by May and her supporters, stockpiling, invisible ferries, medicine shortages food shortages, this was not what they promised you. 
Look how the language has changed over the last 3 years.  They told us it would be easy,  that we had the ace up our sleeves.  They told us time and time again that our 27 partners would fall over themselves to rip up the principles and four freedoms of the EU that we all 28 designed and built together over the years.
Leave promised unicorns, cherries, a good deal, loads of money.  It was all going to be absolutely fabulous, they said.  All that language has completely disappeared.  Even the meaningless slogans have disappeared.  No sunlit uplands here.
The vast majority of economists, experts, business leaders, academics, trade specialists all argued for remain in 2016.  How many of those people have watched what is happening and had a eureka moment that they were wrong in 2016 and that we are better outside the EU?
I don’t know of any?  Do you?  There may be some who have suggested an alternative path or discussed a compromise route because they are worried about a second referendum.  But how many actually now believe that Brexit is good for our business and our economy. Not even our government will say we are better off outside the EU. 
How many times have we had tangible measurable answers to the question, “what part of brexit will make our lives better” posed so many times by so many of us.  None.
But we have seen plenty of  tangible numbers the other way – job losses already, companies moving out, EU27 citizens voting on the xenophobia and our disgusting treatment of them with their feet, a slowdown in growth, weakening of the pound. 
The problem with brexit is brexit.  Leave politicians  cannot agree because disentangling ourselves without damage from our 40 year political investment in the EU is impossible.  The people were not promised damage.  They were promised greater prosperity and opportunity.  This is clearly undeliverable. 
Grow some courage parliament.  Tell it like it is.  We already have the best deal. We will be leaving the biggest free trade block in the world.  A model being emulated by groups of countries in the rest of the world whilst we will be consigned to years of negotiating and fixing the EU related things that weren’t broken instead of fixing the domestic things that really are.   
Parliamentarians, if you honestly can’t agree and you can’t find the courage to #RevokeArticle50 which is the most responsible and righteous path, then the only way forward is to let us decide.  
May’s deal Vs the Best Deal  #remain 
#PeoplesVote #remainoption 

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