A prize and a price

They seek their prize

We pay the price

They lined up their ducks

The ducks are now fucked

With autocorrect we’ve all been had

The prize has a price, a country gone mad

These men get bigger when we get smaller

There egos grow stronger when we get poorer

What good is their power when the world is competing

To diminish their stature. So they got to cheating.

Why did they do it? We do not know.

What’s their agenda? One day soon it may show

But the price for their hubris is not one they’ll pay

That will fall on the rest of us with interest on payday

The etonmess boarders gave us borders anew

We are the loosers or losers – who knew

That an army of misspellers could be so effective.

They will throw everything to reach their objective

The barriers to entry will keep them in charge.

The keys to the kingdom with typos writ large

Their army of fakes helped get them hear

Pretending to be human or normal minus fear.

But here is my warning

when they promise you a new age dawning.

It’s not that they want to change the world

The world changed already – haven’t you heard.

They want the control to sit in their hands.

The rogue traders of politics are just shifting the sands

It’s our house which will collapse

Whilst they’re stealing are foundations

They‘re stealing your maps So you have to staycation

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