Fawn Socks

Fawn socks, Rimmer checks 
Girls are getting it in the neck
Roll up our skirts get legs a-tanning 
Forget the pervy neighbour scanning 
Dreaming of romancing, sunshine and dancing 
In the hall Assembled,
a letter read
Complaints to be dealt with
by the head 
A Sister’s anger fills the stage 
A leader, tall, cross on a chain, all  beige 
Trying to make us all the same, maroon and bland but kind and sage 
Singing  echoes around  the walls, 
scores of crescendos, summer stalls
Hockey matches. Hitting balls, 
fearless, tackling, lots of goals. 
Important wins to keep school pride 
To keep onside 
Not be denied 
To gain respect 
The team accept
Reaching the sixth, boys in the classes 
Less supervision, more blusher,  eyelashes
To be aloof 
Gossip the currency, fitting in, the desire
Parties and music fanning the fire 
of passion 
of love’s lost  agony 
Unique to the young 
who think the world’s over when it’s only begun 
Fawn socks are gone, blandness is history 
Now to become a mystery 
But Never to be Sisterly  

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