Below the mountain

The world is far, far away
Here is green, blue and mountain high
The colours shine their perfect hues
The groomsmen strut the bridesmaids sigh
As words of love exchanged with joy
leave a tear soaked crowd looking on with pride
rituals of sand and wine, garlands and verse
Emotional mothers clutch at their purse
The beautiful displays show how love abounds
Hope is alive in a world which otherwise
seems a cacophony of ugly sounds
Love is still here
Love is still pure
Family is still precious
Good fortune exists, that is sure.
here the notes work together,
like an orchestra playing masters old
A perfect pitch and tempo of gold
Before us stood a girl and boy
Transformed before us to woman and man
In this garden, green and lush
Below the Mountain in Tepoztlán

Maracas shake and swoosh, umbrellas unfurl
Ribbons catching in the breeze
Children play, run and twirl
The party starts, the guests all freeze
for pictures, moments of diamonds shining captured in the breeze
The food, the dancing
Tequila and beautiful smiles so bright
The party continues but the brightest lights
Are laughing and spinning at the centre – Ale and Dan
Showing us all what true love really is
Below the Mountain in Tepoztlán

A poem by Pilar Gomez
dedicated to Ale and Dan

Righting the Wrongs of 16.

Righting the Wrongs, fixing what’s right
We are still here to fight the good fight
Defiance still shines, your lies can’t be hid
Whilst we use our voice to lift off the lid

We watch and we wait for truth to be clear
To be once again what people hold dear
The light will be shining and as the scales fall
Our people will come home on hearing our call

To examine reality, to see what we know
That is  inevitable, make no mistake. Go
to the lengths you desire to hide your intent
Spend as much as you like
Make a bridge, build a tent

to keep out the light from the masses that matter
you can’t do it forever.  Hurt makes a clatter
as it grips peoples hearts where anxiety dwells
So the wave of real life will roll and swell
And crash on the sand that your house is built on
Wash away the turrets towers and cons

We will be waiting. If you are right
there is nothing to worry about, the unicorns will alight
from their gilded carriages and all will gain
But if you are wrong we will  feel the pain
of our friends and our families our children, husbands and wives
The impacts and consequence over their lives

We will be waiting to heal their mistake
To right the wrongs of the liberties you take
To put back the rights you have taken away
To restore the freedoms and stop foul play

We don’t yet know how or when or where
But we’ve time on our side, your clock is already there
with the alarm going off soon. Everyone will hear.
Where exactly you want to steer.
Your dream will be transparent and we will all see.
What reality is, how painful it will be

We will protect the Wronged.  We will right the wrongs
We will shine a light on the snake oil and cons
All the distractions and dead cats you throw our way
Will never remove our love. Our resolve will stay.


Who is she today

Who is she today?
Her hidden part displayed, brings sadness to the child beside
Crying at a table, not understanding 
Where has the real one gone 
Eyes gazing to the distance, at a scene of what?
Who knows what she sees 
Or hears from the spirits which seek 
to remove her From the reality of life, of family, of love
baffling childhood
Never ordinary 
Who is she today?
Which one is she?  The kind one, the laughing one?  
The one filled with terror? Passing her fear and anger to the closest 
We are locked in her world, we cannot see it but our love binds us to it
No escape 
But periodic busybodies 
A child who just  wants to be normal¡
But the shame of silence hides the truth
puts a chasm of difference, a shield not to pierce 
Friends yes but a lifetime closed book
The child will never reveal herself, just hide in a group 
Where is mother?
Who is she today 
Relief this morning.  A normal today  


Which Walk

Which walk
Which walk will you take 
which path will you seek? 
200 Max or 1 million min next week
A walk to leave?
Which leaves no doubt 
That the love for leave 
has been rubbed out 
There is no joy in that group 
Their leaders lies flashed sadly en route 
Screens of the past 
Put in the boot.
Abandoned and used 
By conning men 
Cunning politicos are hiding in their den
 They only want photos
They care nothing for you 
or your jobs or your futures or your lives hitherto 
 Billionaires using you for their own ends
Make them stop 
Give up your walk 
FOR these scoundrels and toffs 
Walk instead with us 
We laugh together 
we dance together 
we stand together 
For openness, for friendship, for love regardless of birth
We care and want to make all our futures right and bright.  
We know what that is really worth. 


for an old friend.

Why didn’t you go away
Why did you Stay?
Your dream, summer warmth and a little house in France
turned into a sad game of no chance

You followed your duty

always with  grace and love and kindness
a beautiful smile fixed on your face

Your freedom denied 
but you would not have taken it
given the choice you would probably have accepted
the responsibilities
of your life 
and borne them with glee
I think you never really wanted to flee

You just wanted the choice put in your hands, to go
if you wanted to see new lands

It wasn’t to happen

you are far now in peace
Your heart lives inside us, 
your kindness won’t cease to be close to our memory 
our strength will only increase

Whether we knew you for long or for short 
Our lives have been richer to know you at all

Your life was to lift others, help heal their pain
Our fabulous angel, no more need to take the strain.
So live now in sunshine, your cottage awaits
Roses grow in the garden, Butterflies pollinate, 
in joy for your company they flutter and hover,
Bees whisper to you “don’t worry, here it’s always summer”


More for #the5million


2 years suspended
Uncertain futures
A life of broken plans
A Home with a bolt on the door
Who will slide it open?  Will they unlock it and when?
Aged old friends too embarrassed to think
Too frightened to look lest they feel the burn of personal responsibility
Sops and platitudes rain down as
cold projectiles of hail
fueling grieving resentment freezing forgiveness
Slowly dwindling to silence then distance

‘We didn’t mean you’
Too proud to admit your error
You hide behind these words with your fake tans and polished smiles
Your Marks suits and empty eyes.



An open horizon beckons its hope to excited people
A reflection in the sunlight of potential new fates
Children learn languages
Parents, new skills
Beautiful girls learn words of passion whispered by lovers on strange moonlit shores
Students pack sweet memories in their rucksacks, currency for their life ahead
We can breathe in our freedom
We can drink it’s energising adventure
We pack our bags with glee undiminished by our pasts, undeterred from our future possibilities
We remove freedom from those we would punish for bad choices

yet we have done no wrong – so why send ourselves into solitary confinement


Fawn Socks

Fawn socks, Rimmer checks 
Girls are getting it in the neck
Roll up our skirts get legs a-tanning 
Forget the pervy neighbour scanning 
Dreaming of romancing, sunshine and dancing 
In the hall Assembled,
a letter read
Complaints to be dealt with
by the head 
A Sister’s anger fills the stage 
A leader, tall, cross on a chain, all  beige 
Trying to make us all the same, maroon and bland but kind and sage 
Singing  echoes around  the walls, 
scores of crescendos, summer stalls
Hockey matches. Hitting balls, 
fearless, tackling, lots of goals. 
Important wins to keep school pride 
To keep onside 
Not be denied 
To gain respect 
The team accept
Reaching the sixth, boys in the classes 
Less supervision, more blusher,  eyelashes
To be aloof 
Gossip the currency, fitting in, the desire
Parties and music fanning the fire 
of passion 
of love’s lost  agony 
Unique to the young 
who think the world’s over when it’s only begun 
Fawn socks are gone, blandness is history 
Now to become a mystery 
But Never to be Sisterly