for an old friend.

Why didn’t you go away
Why did you Stay?
Your dream, summer warmth and a little house in France
turned into a sad game of no chance

You followed your duty

always with  grace and love and kindness
a beautiful smile fixed on your face

Your freedom denied 
but you would not have taken it
given the choice you would probably have accepted
the responsibilities
of your life 
and borne them with glee
I think you never really wanted to flee

You just wanted the choice put in your hands, to go
if you wanted to see new lands

It wasn’t to happen

you are far now in peace
Your heart lives inside us, 
your kindness won’t cease to be close to our memory 
our strength will only increase

Whether we knew you for long or for short 
Our lives have been richer to know you at all

Your life was to lift others, help heal their pain
Our fabulous angel, no more need to take the strain.
So live now in sunshine, your cottage awaits
Roses grow in the garden, Butterflies pollinate, 
in joy for your company they flutter and hover,
Bees whisper to you “don’t worry, here it’s always summer”


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