Who is she today

Who is she today?
Her hidden part displayed, brings sadness to the child beside
Crying at a table, not understanding 
Where has the real one gone 
Eyes gazing to the distance, at a scene of what?
Who knows what she sees 
Or hears from the spirits which seek 
to remove her From the reality of life, of family, of love
baffling childhood
Never ordinary 
Who is she today?
Which one is she?  The kind one, the laughing one?  
The one filled with terror? Passing her fear and anger to the closest 
We are locked in her world, we cannot see it but our love binds us to it
No escape 
But periodic busybodies 
A child who just  wants to be normal¡
But the shame of silence hides the truth
puts a chasm of difference, a shield not to pierce 
Friends yes but a lifetime closed book
The child will never reveal herself, just hide in a group 
Where is mother?
Who is she today 
Relief this morning.  A normal today  


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