Below the mountain

The world is far, far away
Here is green, blue and mountain high
The colours shine their perfect hues
The groomsmen strut the bridesmaids sigh
As words of love exchanged with joy
leave a tear soaked crowd looking on with pride
rituals of sand and wine, garlands and verse
Emotional mothers clutch at their purse
The beautiful displays show how love abounds
Hope is alive in a world which otherwise
seems a cacophony of ugly sounds
Love is still here
Love is still pure
Family is still precious
Good fortune exists, that is sure.
here the notes work together,
like an orchestra playing masters old
A perfect pitch and tempo of gold
Before us stood a girl and boy
Transformed before us to woman and man
In this garden, green and lush
Below the Mountain in Tepoztlán

Maracas shake and swoosh, umbrellas unfurl
Ribbons catching in the breeze
Children play, run and twirl
The party starts, the guests all freeze
for pictures, moments of diamonds shining captured in the breeze
The food, the dancing
Tequila and beautiful smiles so bright
The party continues but the brightest lights
Are laughing and spinning at the centre – Ale and Dan
Showing us all what true love really is
Below the Mountain in Tepoztlán

A poem by Pilar Gomez
dedicated to Ale and Dan